If a picture says a thousand words and with thousands of images flooding the social feeds for almost a month before, during and after KL Fashion Week RTW 2015, then what does that say about this wonderful event?

These are some of our favorite images by an amazing photographer, Paul from All Is Amazing, who helped us be our 360 when we can't be everywhere and anywhere all the time!

What we got back from Paul was amazing and they should be shared with everyone who was there with us through the crazy days. Not only does he captures the frenetic energy of this electrifying week so well, but does so with humor, grace and quiet contemplation!

Even if you're not there, it's also for you ... to get a glimpse of the front, the back and everything in between a fashion week!

Check out more of Paul's amazing work at www.allisamazing.com

Enjoy the Galleries!

Kory T