Working closely with Tourism Malaysia and AirAsia, we have the opportunity to invite 6 International Guest Designers from Australia, China, India, South Korea, Philippines and Japan to facilitate a creative dialogue between our local and international designers.


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Born in Saudi Arabia, Yousef Akbar came to Australia to study Logistics at the University of South Australia. But fashion was his calling and it was while completing his Master's at Sydney University that Yousef discovered one could study, and train for, a career in fashion. Thus, he embarked on a Bachelor of Fashion at The Fashion Design Studio Sydney TAFE which he completed in 2016.

The decision to abandon Logistics for Fashion has certainly paid off with Yousef already winning a string of industry awards such as FLAIR Best tailoring and Designer of the Year 2013, TAFE Eveningwear Award 2013, Powerhouse Museum Fashion Exhibition display 2014, Invited to Debut his first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014, Winning The Design Institute of Australia fashion graduate of the year, and over all graduate of the year.

Yousef Akbar has a number of celebrity clients such as Kimbra, Jessica Mauboy, Kelly Osbourne and others.




TAAKK was established by Takuya Morikawa in 2012 after working with Issey Miyake for 7 years. At Issey Miyake, Takuya imbues modern suiting with a relaxed aesthetic, playing with silhouettes, pursued new proportions with cutting edge fabrics. TAAKK Brand concept is "UNREALISTIC REALITY" - created by an exceptional technique after many experimental attempts. TAAKK designs are very high in vision and challenges the traditional notions of reality.




Inspired by fashion that is functional as well as transformative in nature, Resurrection by Juyoung Lee is an edgy, sexy label. Launched in December 2004, the brand has gained support domestically and internationally. With a focus on revival and to be specific, Resurrection is best classified as a re-emergence and returning of fashion.

Lee is the embodiment of this fashion scene. She is the daughter of Sul Yoon-Hyoung, one of the fashion pioneers of Seoul, and was a budding cellist studied at Yewon before she changed her course and went to Parsons in New York. Taking the runways in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and Singapore while showcasing in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Firenze, Paris and Milan, Resurrection grew into one of the recognized labels from Korea.



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With a focus on design as a form of storytelling, Ka-Sha celebrates handcraft and sustainability. The labels’ aesthetics lie in influences from multi-layered cultures and the ever-changing social landscapes of modern India - obsessed with its past but treading on to create new histories.
With a zero-waste policy focused on merging art with innovation, the products tell stories of their makers and their journey, interpreting materials based on current situations and need.




Reclothing Bank is an independent design project started from 2011. This project is about using second-hand garments to re-make new designs. Most importantly, these garments were made by a group of women who lost their jobs. During the same year, Reclothing Bank was invited by Austrian Art Photography Festival. Reclothing Bank is the Sustainable and Affiliated Label of FAKE NATOO. FAKE NATOO was founded in 2008 by Zhang Na and soon caught certain attention among the Fashion industry. In a short period, Zhang Na has already become a successful and influential independent designer. In 2014, Zhang Na was reported as Most Creative People in Business 100 by FastCompany. In 2015, she was awarded one of the Top 30 Chinese designers by Forbes. She was also awarded the most creative prize by Shanghai Fashion Week and reported as the top 10 Chinese designer of the new generation by City Zine. In 2013, Zhang Na was reported as the ecological hero of China by The Bund. In 2014, she and the Reclothing Bank project were selected as the most influential issue of the year by China Trend Award.



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At 33 years old, Anthony Ramirez has managed to become one of the most sought-after designers to celebrities and socialites alike in the Philippines. He started his career in fashion at a young age, equipped with sheer talent and ardent artistry. Although lacking background in the industry, it was his vision and adamant will to learn that honed his crafts to perfection and soon after, opened his own Atelier.

Today, the Anthony Ramirez woman is all about the drama, sophistication while still being risqué. It takes a truly bold woman to rock his style, but for those who are daring, prepare to make headlines and make heads turn. Anthony’s RTW line, Teofila, features his signature clean lines and chic aesthetics. Catering to stylish career women who wants to look and feel easily dressed-up whether for work or everyday affairs, Teofila brings in effortless style in sheer sophistication. With the future of fashion in his hands, no one else comes close to the Anthony Ramirez style — always veering away from the norm and ultimately adding a new flavor to Philippine fashion and quite possibly starting a new trend.


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